Sunday, May 15, 2011

April showers brought May showers

After 11 inches of rainfall hit Lakelands in April, we have had 4 inches thus far in May. It rained 1.75 inches alone on Friday May 13. Amazingly, we allowed carts out on Saturday May 14. We drain very very well on most of the course with exception of holes 7,11 and 13. While most clubs closed for the day after such a huge amount of rain, we were open and carts were out. Most all the bunkers were washed out. The cart path at 7 washed out and required about 45 minutes repair alone.
Additionally, when heavy rainfall hits us, we have a flooded maintenance facility. We have challenges with every step. We try to overcome these challenges with a smile and sense of accomplishment. The team looks forward to some sunny and warm weather.

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