Monday, August 1, 2011

Life and Death

Tragedy has struck our maintenance team. Barney Blackshear's brother
> passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. I believe the cause to be a
> brain aneurysm. Services are this week. He did not have insurance
> therefore, the family is trying to do some fund raising for funeral
> services.
> Our Equipment technician Ryan Lee is part of their family and is with 
> the family. It is hard to stay focused at the task at hand. However, I
> must keep pushing ahead.
> I came in this morning to a failure in the pump house. No water ran last
> night after very hot Sunday temperatures. I am working on the fix with a
> short staff. Many greens wilted pretty heavily over night and we are
> working quite hard to get some recovery. I have parts being fabricated as
> I type and delivery will be this afternoon. I have spoken with our pump
> maintenance people and they are checking their schedule to fit us in to
> ensure the station is back up and running as well as it can.
> The pythium in the fairways has come back and we sprayed for it yesterday.
> The anthracnose on the greens is back and active and as soon as we can
> cool the greens down this morning we will be spraying for it. We are also
> adding a wetting agent to the greens to help retain some moisture during
> this record setting weather.
> It was the hottest July on Record with an average high of 89.2. That is
> 6.2 degrees higher than average. According to NOAA data, our July weather
> was the same as St. Petersburg Florida.
> We are doing everything we can under these horrific circumstances.

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